Roman Catholicism

By Ilya on 6/25/2024, Seedling - Faith

This is not a light hearted post, because I have family, coworkers, and twitter acquaintances that are Catholic. I want to address my concerns that the Catholic faith is not worshiping the God of the bible. This doesn't mean there aren't Christians that are Catholics (God is merciful). I've noticed more trends of Protestants moving to Catholicism, as well as more visibility in "venerating" Mary, which heightened my sense of concern.

My hope is that we worship the same God together, that we worship Jesus alone. Catholicism has many things to admire, but the reformation happened because of the drift from biblical worship (works based salvation), and the ultimate goal of the reformation is to bring the Catholicism back to Christ, not to divide. It's good to have cathedrals, it's good to have tradition, it's good to honor our fathers (godly men of the past), the catholic land movement is cool, and yes the evangelical church has done all of those very poorly (among other things). What's more important though? The core of the faith or the periphery? If we have the core correct, I think the periphery will improve.

I recently listened to a podcast episode about this very topic, and the author Dale Partridge speaks much clearer then I could about the concerns, I hope you listen to it.

👉 Podcast episode here

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