Started gardening, and loving it!



By Ilya on 1/28/2024, Seedling

This year I've started doing some gardening, mainly a couple raised beds, so small scale. I know absolutely nothing about it but learning along the way. For example, we had a pile of leaves, sticks and stuff which I knew wasn't good compost. But I still tried to salvage the most earth like bits to add to the beds, which had pretty terrible soil.

Went down a rabbit hole on YouTube about compost, and learned that you want a mixture of browns and greens in it. Basically the browns are what create the hummus like substance (carbon/dirt) and the greens add the nutrients (nitrogen). The greens help break down the browns faster. Also learned that you need to keep the compost moist. Giving myself some grace with the current pile, but learning and trying to improve here. Also it needs to be turned about once a week so the insides go on the outside.

Looking forward to our first official harvest this year.

brush and pen