Gardening 2024



By Ilya on 5/7/2024, Budding - Gardening, Nature

This year I've planted a few things from seed, directly in the ground since I don't have grow lights or anything yet, and things are coming up. It's exciting to see that. Along with the seeds, we've purchased a couple blueberry plants, and a haskap. Those we planted close to the red pine trees since the PH is better there. I'm also growing an apple tree from seed, it's still indoors since it's really small (happy accident, we found the seed already sprouting).

New this year, is using a tiller, which I got from my MIL. First time tilling anything in my life. I did a section for growing wheat, which Isaiah (my 7yo) really wanted to grow.

I still have more seeds to plant!

Beginning of June, and most of the wheat didn't come up (I forgot you should plant more then one seed). The fruiting bushes are doing well so far, and the garden is feeling more full. Recently I planted sunflower seeds, but the chipmunks dug up all the seeds in one area (the other place near the compost is still intact thankfully). Lots of growth everywhere, pictures incoming!

brush and pen