By Ilya on 12/31/2023, Seedling

This is the first post, and hopefully not the last ;) I'm Ilya Radchenko, usually go by 'knownasilya', and this is my blog where I write about life and web development.

I'm a 'full stack' developer and usually work with Emberjs and Nodejs, but also dabble in Dart. This blog will not be purely technical, since I don't believe in separating who I am from what I do, since they are connected. This means that you'll also hear about my faith, since I'm a Christian. You'll get to find out what that means and how that affects my profession.

Hopefully you stick around, since I'm not the best writer in the world, nor am I that interesting, but I'll try my best to post here when I can. Hope to hear from you in the comments along this journey, and to grow together in many facets.

P.S. I'll be customizing this site/blog as the time goes on.

brush and pen