January is usually a time for goals, but the problem with those is that they are accomplished, and that's the end. A trellis is a structure that helps guide the growth of a climbing plant. This plant symbolizes my life in its direction towards the identity I have in Jesus. In Jesus (infinite and outside of time) I'm already at the end of that growth, but at the present time I'm still heading in that direction. So this trellis is a structure that aids in upholding that direction and growth. This structure is made up of habits, and a long term generational vision that aids in the growth and direction. Ultimately this trellis is held up by the power of the Holy Spirit, who reminds me of the words of Jesus.

This was a great illustration taken from Episode 3 of the "Fight Hustle, End Hurry" podcast. Really enjoying the content for the current device saturated and hustle driven culture we live in. I'm sure I butchered it a bit, but this is me writing at 10pm. I recommend the podcast, even for non-christians.