Had a bunch of friends from Sojourn church come and help unload today, it was a blessing to us to have friends that really care. It's one of the reasons that we moved back to Traverse City (not directly, but close enough to TC), mainly that it's harder and harder to find good friends as you get older. It's been difficult for me especially, so I'm learning to reach out more and to listen more than speaking.

I also love the slower pace of life, as compared to the east coast, and want to slow down a bit more. I think my goal this year will be to slow down from the hustle and hurry and to just breathe. This means doing things outside of tech, like woodworking maybe, and spending more time outdoors and with friends. Also looking for more opportunities to listen, help, and share Jesus. I plan to spend less time on Twitter as well, and more time writing. I'm writing every day this month and it feels so good.