I'm excited to announce that in just over a week I'll be joining Crash [https://crash.co] to build the vision of helping you show your value while starting/changing a career.

Crash is building the category of ”Career Launch" because the college degree is mostly an outdated solution from the pre-internet age and usually comes attached with overwhelming debt. The reason why I'm so eager to get started is because I believe in the vision of enabling young people to realize and show their potential without the chains of debt. What Crash offers isn't just a product to help you, but also a mindset shift to cause you to think differently about yourself, not only in the workplace, but also personally.

Beyond the goals, I'm glad to be working with a super focused team, which is all the more rewarding. I'll be joining on to help build the products and the engineering team with Dave Wasmer [https://davewasmer.com/]. I'll continue to work with the tools I love, like Ember.js, TypeScript, and Node.js; as well as learning some new ones like GraphQL. I'm also looking forward to continuing to contribute to the open-source community.

To find out more about what Crash is all about, check out this introductory blog post [https://crash.co/blog/time-to-crash-your-career/].