I decided to write down some of my favorite Ember.js addons that I have used in the past. There are a handful of addons marked with [bleeding edge], meaning they are either alpha or experimental in nature.

All Projects

  • https://github.com/ember-template-lint/ember-cli-template-lint lint the templates
  • https://github.com/ember-cli-deploy/ember-cli-deploy Deployment pipeline addons or apps

Building Apps

  • https://github.com/emberjs/ember-optional-features [bleeding edge] Enable optional features (will be in cli soon)
  • https://github.com/ef4/ember-auto-import [bleeding edge] Make importing npm modules easy
  • https://github.com/rwjblue/ember-angle-bracket-invocation-polyfill [bleeding edge] React style component names
  • https://github.com/ember-decorators/ember-decorators [bleeding edge] ES Classes for components
  • https://github.com/machty/ember-concurrency Managing Asynchrony
  • https://github.com/offirgolan/ember-parachute Managing Query Params
  • https://github.com/ember-animation/liquid-fire Animations
  • https://github.com/cibernox/ember-power-select Awesome select component
  • https://github.com/cibernox/ember-power-calendar Awesome calendar component
  • https://github.com/tim-evans/ember-page-title Set the title of pages
  • https://github.com/amiel/ember-data-url-templates [ember data] Easilly extend urls for server requests
  • https://github.com/machty/ember-constraint-router [bleeding edge] Alternative routing, good for realtime
  • https://github.com/cardstack/ember-toolbars Managing toolbars with animations
  • https://github.com/freshbooks/ember-responsive Media queries for your code/templates
  • https://github.com/simplabs/ember-simple-auth A great solution for all types of authentication
  • https://github.com/ember-engines/ember-engines Splitting apps for loose coupling (great for multiple teams), also lazy loading

Building Addons

  • https://github.com/ember-learn/ember-cli-addon-docs Versioned documentation
  • https://github.com/ember-template-lint/ember-template-recast Editing templates programatically

Writing Tests

  • https://github.com/simplabs/qunit-dom Simple abstraction over DOM for testing elements (cli soon)
  • https://github.com/Cropster/ember-visual-test Visual testing
  • https://github.com/salsify/ember-milestones [bleeding edge] Testing micro async state

What are some of your favorite addons? Leave your comments here [https://mobile.twitter.com/knownasilya/status/1004430985826652161].